Our Rambler

As I mentioned before, I have always been into cars as well and while my current whip isnt finished yet, i figured I could at least post some photos. It's a 1975 AMC Matador and I enjoy it, plus it is reliable, low maintainence, and very fast. It has a 304 V8 automatic and I have lowered it 4 inches. This summer it will have full airbag suspension and hopefully some new metal flake on the roof. Enjoy.


Our First Blog

So my wife and I have always been into mid century, atomic, tiki, classic cars, old music, records, advertising, etc. I started with cars and progressed into furniture which we both took up collecting. Once we ran out of room in our tiny apartment, we bought a storage unit for our furniture. Once that filled up, we decided we ought to buy a home. What great timing we had too, the market in our area was the most expensive in all of Oregon when we started looking for a home and as soon as our income made the homes affordable, it bottomed out and we were able to find the perfect home for the perfect price. Enter, our 1952 ranch-bungalow.

We created this site to copy many who have come before us. Our favorites have always been an inspiration and we hope that some of the things we do can inspire someone else but as everyone has different taste, we encourage you to check out the other sites which I will link as soon as I figure out how.

Here are some photos of the home as it looked when we made an offer. As we progress we will update the blog with pictures of our work. Thanks for looking!

I will get a better front shot.

Dig those mosaics (it was one of the first things to go)

You will see, the previous owners loved this color.

Typical tiny bathroom, but it does have a green tub and toilet. Anybody got a lead on a matching sink?

The view from the den to the living area.

View from the dining area to the den.

Our awesome door, we love the diamond. You can also see our coved ceiling, a cool detail.

Archway into the guest bedroom (or guest redroom) with built-ins.