The Bathroom

So most of the trivial stuff is done with the house. We have put up some light fixtures and painted and fixed holes, but now we are thinking bigger. Our house has a main bathroom and a small 1/2 bathroom. The main, pictured below, has original green bathroom fixtures and now we are ready to start remodeling. First, we need the matching green sink and since the green color was common amongst several manufacturers, we are pretty excited about the Crane Drexel and Diana lines. I have written to a few people on craigslist who have them but they dont seem willing to ship (for good reason). If you have any leads let me know!

The bathroom is going to be tiled and probably in a white/green motif, and then we purchased a few little details to help add to its functionality and coolness like a little built in mirror that flips around to reveal a toothbrush holder and soap dish.

The room is very small, but it will be awesome.

We also are getting a matching toilet seat.

The tub is cool and in perfect condition.

This is a late 40s Crane sink, which is cool, but I kind of want one with chrome legs.

This is what I really want.


Anonymous said...

Hey Loren and Amber,

We have the Crane Drexel pedestal sink with chrome legs that you want. The only problem is that it is yellow, not green. It is of the same creamy Crane hue, so the color values are similar. It also has some fixture and valve, ummm, situations that might only be solved with a couple hundred bucks spent on replacement parts at If you are still interested, email me at
and we can send you some pix and see what we can do about shipping it up from LA. You have a cool house!


anna said...

I found your site while looking for other modern re-habers. I have the same sink and toilet, but in Turquoise in my master bath. Thanks!

MoModerne said...

I have the same set in Turquoise and love the chrome legs!

Tiffany said...

We have the green crane drexel if you are still interested. No legs though.

My email is

Happy Renovating!!


Anonymous said...

I love the green pedestal sink and need one just like it! If you dodn't use it and still have it I would like to purchase it from you. Please email me at