Meet the Petersens

I realized that part of blogging, in some cases, is getting to know someone that you would otherwise have no contact with (kind of creepy), so we decided to post a little about us. Amber will write her's soon.

Loren is a 22 year old small business owner. Born and raised in Oregon, he is a pretty nerdy individual. Despite the picture, Loren does not like to read but does like collecting and studying all things nostalgic.

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50s Pam said...

Hi Loren and Amber. You are too cute for words - and I love your house! The bathroom is terrific, and I am so glad that you want to stick with the original fixtures. Have you tried They do tons of Crane. And have you seen my blog, I think you would like it, take a look. Meanwhile - I have added you to my blogroll. Welcome to the retro reno family, I think you are the youngest members! OH, and I am SO JEALOUS of that Rambler.