We have been working hard!

So Amber and I moved into our home over memorial day weekend and it was great. In one weekend we got everything moved, walls painted, and the front and backyard cleaned up. We have so manny projects planned but we have been cautioned to only take on one at a time so right now I have taken on the front and backyard project of getting the lawn back to life.

While Amber was away on business, I put together our wall unit and it looks great. It was a craigslist find that we have had in storage because it wouldnt fit in our tiny apartment. Anyways, here are some updated photos of some of our progress.

We love the long driveway and the shrubs, although they need to be trimmed.

Our living room. We plan on just using the carpet for a while until we get the underside of the house insulated, but there are gorgeous hardwood floors underneath.

This is our office

Our bar was the first piece of furniture that we brought over, haha.

We replaced the purple wall with off white, and a starburst clock.

We have had these lights in our storage unit for about 2 years and we finally got to use them. Amber got them at Lowes for about $5 a piece since nobody around here seems to be into mid century they couldnt sell them!

I could not have imagined that the wall unit would have fit so well in this room. We bought it from a guy who said it was in his house when he moved in and he didnt want it anymore so for 150 bucks I bought it. It is extremely strong and our records dont seem to be too heavy. Eventually we will put a tv in there, but we have really been enjoying not having tv at all, we get a ton of stuff done.

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alisha said...

your house looks great! love it