Yes we are still alive.

So it has been a while since we updated our blog, but we have been busy. Most recently, Amber and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a trip to Portland to see Chris Isaak. We also brought some great new things back including......a green sink with chrome legs!

Amber also got this totally awesome hair dryer that actually works. And that white thing is a reading light by the way.
What can you get for $125? Well on craigslist I found this Selig Lounge, and it is in mint condition. I do, of course, want a real one, but oddly enough the Selig and Plycraft ones are more comfortable because they recline. We need two though so we dont have to fight over who gets to sit in it.
I realised the other day that we had never posted any photos of the back yard so here is the back of the house. The yard was dead when we moved in but its filling in nicely. We have a lot of plans for landscaping.
That whole corner will be raised and covered in small trees and shrubs. The tiki torches will stay, for a jungle feel. The fence is going to be covered by a row of tall shrubs all the way around fo rmore privacy, although it is already very private.
The patio has seen better days and we havent settled on anything yet but we have been talking about pouring a solid slab here and color it gray.
Our new front porch light courtesy of Hippo Hardware in Portland.
Another Hippo find.
If you have been to Portland and have never been to Hippo Hardware then shame on you. Now I assume that if you are reading our blog then you have some kind of interest in restoration projects, but even if you don't you can have a lot of fun just looking at all of the stuff they have there all while being entertained (or harassed) by the more then friendly staff. I liken it to going to a really cool record store, only with windows, doors, bathtubs, toilets, and lights instead of records. Check it out.