The Bonus Room

So Amber and I are getting ready to re-do the bonus room or "den". We have had several ideas but we keep coming back to the idea of an Eichler style room, wood paneling and clean hard surface floors. We are looking at VCT tile (armstrong), polished concrete, and a topical sealer which would have the look of marmolium. Lowes can order the wood paneling and at $16 for a 4 x 8 sheet, it is very inexpensive. Anyways, we are still at work on the house and look forward to posting pictures of a finished room.

This is the look that we want.

This is a bit too "Tuscan", but it is concrete.

Also concrete, but I have been told that polished concrete stains.

VCT tiles cost about 70 cents a square foot (versus 5-7 dollars per sq ft. for concrete sealers) and look great.

The room as it looks now, I think it has a lot of potential.


50s Pam said...

Great project. Armstrong Imperial Excelon in black is very authentic retro - softer underfoot than concrete, too. Read more here, and good luck!:

Anonymous said...

What a cool ranch, great score on that green sink! There are several styles of the VCT's that would look great in your bonus room. Also would be much warmer in the winter time than just the concrete.