A long awaited update!

It has been a while since we have posted on our blog and I believe this is my very first post.

The only recent update that we have made on the house is in our kitchen by replacing cabinet knobs. The replacements were from Lowe's and work quite well considering they were 1 dollar a piece.



A personnal update: a few months ago we lost our lovely kitty Samantha.

After 17 years I must say the she was the happiest at our house and I was happy that we were able to bury her under our plum tree. It was very sad to have her leave us and we missed her presence in the house and after a while broke down and rescued Jupiter a Scottish Deerhound. He is something else and we just love him to bits and pieces. He is also a fan of Mid Century Modern furniture; when we first brought him home the first thing he did was climb into our Selig.

In other news we had a great Chrismas. The house was cozy and warm and the best presents we received were Lowe's and Home Depot gift cards that we are going to put towards restoring our bathroom this summer. I can't wait to learn how to tile!