Refinishing furniture

So I have heard of people refinishing furniture, but I have always been intimidated by the process. Many times over, we have come across furniture that was in need of refinishing but we passed it up. The other day, Amber and I were walking through a local rebuild center when I spotted the backside of a Heywood Wakefield server. I was excited and we dug it out from under some bags of concrete where it appeared to have sat all winter, exposed to the elements outside. The store owner wanted $35 for it, but I didnt know how to restore it and I have never been a huge fan of Heywood Wakefield so I passed and figured someone who loved it would find it. A week went by and Amber and I sold some chairs which meant we had enough to go buy it and at least use it as a way to learn refinishing, if we messed it up it would be ok. As we dug it out again, I saw another piece that appeared to match, and it was also Heywood wakefield. We purchased both pieces for $55 and crammed it into out little car. We had the front seats all the way forward and we looked ridiculous as we drove home. On our way, we stopped by a local antique store where our friend and fellow collector (who is a Heywood expert) told us about the pieces and how to go about restoring it. We rushed home, got supplies at Lowes, and started our project. Here are some photos, we are two day in now and they are actually looking good.
Very nice color choices.

Any Heywood fans out there? Tell us what you think, we kind of like it now. I cannot beleive what these people did to it, they used a very red stain on the hutch part which has been hard to strip.