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Politics and MCM

So I read quite a few blogs everyday, and I get a kick out of the humor that comes with most of them. The majority of blogs I read are related to design, furniture, technology, etc, and then sometimes I will read a political blog just to see what they have to say about current events. Before I moved to Central Oregon, I worked in the Oregon State Legislature for a representative. My advice to anyone who has any desire to make a career out of politics, just know that all of the stereotypes are true about the back room dealings, with shady power hungry politicians which is why I moved and changed careers to be in the private sector. Having gotten out of that world, it is hard to ignore the politics that are around each day, at work, on tv, on the radio, and now even in my favorite blogs which is why I am writing today.

Now with the recent election of president Obama, I have noticed that of the blogs that did decide to post something regarding the election, they ALL supported Mr. Obama which is wonderful, but if that were reversed what would happen? If every blog that you went to in your daily or weekly blogroll was a totally cool, hip, MCM paradise and was suddenly an advertisement for John McCain or Ron Paul, would you be turned off?

A friend of mine here in Oregon owns an antique store that specializes in Mid Century Modern, and the very first time I went in there, he had allowed campaigners to put huge Bush-Cheney ’04 signs on the side of his building which is close to a major road. I asked him why he would allow those to be put up, to which he replied something like, “Because I support Bush”. He then proceeded to tell me about the horrible things that people say to him when they come in because of the signs, people who are coming in to shop for furniture! They are expecting to see a square-glasses wearing hipster I suppose, but are shocked that someone would actually have a differing viewpoint then them. I suppose this isn’t too interesting because that would happen anywhere nowadays, but my problem with it is that people who love good design and share this common interest in beautiful furniture, somehow think that you have to be liberal to appreciate it. I know that I absolutely hate going into stuffy modern specialty stores where a plastic stool costs more than a car, and I think that the bloggers that I subscribe to do as well. If that is the case, then isnt the condescension of politics is just as bad? I really don’t think that it is OK to ostracize so many cool people because of their political preference.

I think that everyone who reads this blog is unique, and some us way out there which is what makes us interesting. If not to anyone else, we are unique enough for ourselves. Those of you who are either conservative or liberal have your own opinions and your love of good design has little to do with it, that being the case it should have little to do with others as well. If you would please, let me know how you feel. Regardless of your personal political position, do you think that there as an element of elitism when it comes to the world of design, and do you think it matters?

The "Yes We Can" rug. Subtle, but clearly for a specific market.


New TV!

Amber and I don't watch tv much, and we havent had cable in a year or so it rots your brain. When we did have it, we werent nearly as productive as we are now. So despite our friends always making fun of our tiny 17inch tv, we never went back. I found a 1965 Zenith Space Command tv on craigslist and had to get it. I have always loved vintage electronics because they always represent the forward thinking of the time, in this case space travel. I went and got it in Salem and whilst I was there, I went to an antique shop and among all of their extremely overpriced treasures, I found a mint condition small Mobler chair for $15. We dont have a child yet, but I love furniture for small people because you can have more of it as it takes up less room! The TV does work and now you can sit in our living room and not know that it is 2009, we are freaks.

A small Mobler chair built for a child. This is one of the icons of Danish design and apparently icons go for $15 in this economy.

As promised, another photo of the finished Lane Acclaim swivel. I am happy with how it turned out.

The table looks very shiny.


Still Refinishing

Ok, so this has turned out to be a fun project. I was very intimidated by the prospect of ruining a piece, but I figured that since I dont like Heywood Wakefield all that much ( in know that is totally sacreligious ) that I would test my abilities and not care if it didnt turn out perfectly. However, having grown up working on cars and learning the art of tideous perfection, coupled with the fact that I am German, I found myself fixating on the minor details. In short, I think that this hutch is turning out pretty nice. I have yet to add glass sliding doors and shelves but I have clients ( from my insurance practice ) that can provide both and will allow me to contribute to the local economy. With this turning out alright, I have moved onto other projects including our Lane Acclaim swivel coffee table. As you can see, someone tryed very hard to lose the dovetail detail but they were no match for Jasco, steel wool, and elbow grease. I don't think I will sell my insurance agency and start refinishing furniture, but it is fun and very rewarding. As for the cost; $50 for the hutch, $26 for Jasco, $3 for '0000' steel wool, $2 for scrapers, $12 for minwax finish, $93 total. Not too bad!

Lane Acclaim, Before.

Lane, After