Still Refinishing

Ok, so this has turned out to be a fun project. I was very intimidated by the prospect of ruining a piece, but I figured that since I dont like Heywood Wakefield all that much ( in know that is totally sacreligious ) that I would test my abilities and not care if it didnt turn out perfectly. However, having grown up working on cars and learning the art of tideous perfection, coupled with the fact that I am German, I found myself fixating on the minor details. In short, I think that this hutch is turning out pretty nice. I have yet to add glass sliding doors and shelves but I have clients ( from my insurance practice ) that can provide both and will allow me to contribute to the local economy. With this turning out alright, I have moved onto other projects including our Lane Acclaim swivel coffee table. As you can see, someone tryed very hard to lose the dovetail detail but they were no match for Jasco, steel wool, and elbow grease. I don't think I will sell my insurance agency and start refinishing furniture, but it is fun and very rewarding. As for the cost; $50 for the hutch, $26 for Jasco, $3 for '0000' steel wool, $2 for scrapers, $12 for minwax finish, $93 total. Not too bad!

Lane Acclaim, Before.

Lane, After


Maggie said...

I'm scrolling along, thinking "Hmm, nice job on the Heywood..." and then BAM, that Lane table restoration took my breath away! What a beauty!

You should be very, very proud of yourself.

PS: would love to see that table from all angles.

Husband said...

Well thank you! So I agree, the Heywood turned out ok but it is a little too dark, it isnt yellow enough, blah blah blah. I now know why heywake refinishers charge so much to match that original color. The Lane table is nice because it is smaller and it is basically a single surface so it is much easier to keep even in color. The hard part is that you cannot sand it because the center wood is a thin veneer, so I had to use three different grades of steel wool and scrub all of that old color out. We have three Lane acclaim pieces that all need to be redone so I am excited now that it is turning out nicely. I will post more pictures soon!

Alison said...

What color & brand of stain did you use on the Acclaim piece? I have one sitting in my office that I need to refinish!

Husband said...

The stain is Minwax Golden Maple. The picture only shows it with one coat on it, and without the clear poly. I will post more pictures this weekend when it is all done.

Shelly said...

Really nice job on that Acclaim! I recently bought an Acclaim dining table and 4 chairs and am trying to decide if I want to tackle refinishing them. No major scratches, but the oak edging is darkened in places from years of you think there is a way of lightening those spots without changing the entire table's color?? Also, what type of poly did you go with???

Sudha said...

new to your space..(heart) your blog guys! you have a DIY on finishing the table...i bought one just now and need some work done on it...would love to know how u gave that two tone finish to the table