Little projects are never little.

When I worked in a restaurant in high school, we were required to clean the grease hoods every week. This was a law in Oregon and still is to avoid the potential fire hazzard that grease build up can be, and to be clean. Well, the law does not apply to houses and our home has had the same exhaust fan for over 50 years. Amber really wanted to tackle the project of pulling the old fan down, cleaning it, and then stripping it to it's original awesomeness. We were both thinking that this would be a simple hour or so project. She pulled everything down and started cleaning them first. It really was 50 years or so of grease on there and I have no idea what our prior owners cooked, but I am convinced that they deep fried everything! The fan grill had been painted several times so once it was clean, Amber Jasco'd it and got all of the paint off. Then I took steel wool and aluminum polish and polished it for about an hour. We also sprayed oven cleaner into the housing and cleaned most of it. The end result is a very cool industrial looking post war fan. Now that it was all clean and perfect looking, I wanted to try it out. I flipped the switch while Amber wasnt looking and it sparked and blew a fuse at the same time Amber screamed and cursed. So hopefully all was not lost and after a week when it dries out I will try it again.

Any suggestions for a light fixture? We are going to install a halogen light fixture that we have had for a while and see if it looks good. The post war homes typically had the round glass lights but they arent very bright and our kitchen is already dark.


50s Pam said...

Wow, that is very impressive handiwork! The fan housing looks great!

Jane said...

Beautiful revival of an icon, guys.
It really is all the little things that make up the right big picture.

Steve said...

WOW! Nice improvement.

FYI: I believe screaming and cursing are important elements of all home projects.

Tikimama said...

That is a beeee-yu-tiful fan!!

I have the same question about lights in our kitchen - we have two fluorescent fixtures like yours.

Hannah said...

My husband and I removed our range fan (like yours) and installed a new direct vent fan/light hood over our stove. We hardwired the new hood to the switch wire. Put a blank plate where the switch was formerly located. And installed metal ducts (flex and rigid) in the wall to route the exhaust through the original hole. We then repainted and reinstalled only the exterior cover.

Hannah said...

oops... your fan is in the ceiling. My fan was in the wall above the stove. Kudos for ceiling the fan.