Screen Door Installation - Step by Step

The front of our house is starting to look less and less as it did when we bought it, which is a good thing. The three windows across the front used to have faux window panes that were in between the wooden windows, and the storm window. We took those out the day we moved in. The house numbers are terrible, a piece of particle board with some 50 cent numbers nailed on. The mailbox is OK, but it needs to be painted and eventually replaced with something cool. The screen door was a 1980s Sears storm door that I have always hated. So this weekend, I decided (while Amber was gone) that I would replace all of these things and make the entry way much more presentable. It is after all, the first thing people see when they drive by.

Step one should have been to investigate and plan and strategize, but instead it was to remove the screen door. I pulled the trim off, removed nails, and found that the old door was just kind of screwed on to a few blocks of wood underneath that appeared to be left over trim scraps.

Step two, go buy a door. I did not want anything fancy, I just wanted an old fashioned wooden screen door that thwaps when it closes and Lowes happens to sell them for $45.

Step three, stop working on the door before that project is done and start a new project. I am notorious for doing this and today was no exception so I took the old house numbers off only to reveal a surprise! The previous owner had foiled my plan by painting the house numbers underneath which means that in order to put new numbers up, I have to paint the house which means I have to match the color.......etc. I was very excited about the new numbers too, they are the modern Neutra style numbers that we got from Sears online for $56, total!

Step four was to go back to the door situation and stain the door which turned out ok, I will probably paint it instead though unless we get a lot of compliments. I got new lumber to piece in the jamb and did it right so that everything is level and hung the door. I personally think it looks good and it is much nicer to have then the old door which only let a little bit of air in the house. It looks old, and although with the stain it looks more 30s than 50s, it goes with the feel of the neighborhood. With this project I decided that owning an old home is way fun and it gets you thinking creativley about projects, but reality sets in when you spend the majority of your time fixing other people's mistakes. I will post again once I figure out a solution to the numbers.

So this is a possible solution to the numbers problem. They are mounted on a piece of cardboard that has been painted. If this idea grows on us, we will cut a piece of wood to fit and mount the numbers on it. The door also needs to be trimmed, and the concrete steps will be painted soon as well. Oh, and the ugly metal rail will soon be replaced by something else.
A close up, showing the corrugated details and custom mounting hanger.


Tikimama said...

At least you have a really cool light fixture by the front door! The new screen looks good, era-appropriate. I laugh about the house numbers, though, because those look like the ones I just took off our house, that they had painted right over with the trim color. Of course, when I removed them, it took paint with it. Sigh. Now, I think I'm going to put them up on a backplate, kinda like what you started with! Why don't you do the same thing with your new numbers? It would solve the problem of painting over the old ones, and it could look really nice if you used a contrasting color maybe.

Husband said...

Actually, I didnt include it in the photos but I thought the same thing about the numbers. So I took a piece of cardboard and painted it seafoam green and mounted the numbers to that. I will post some pictures tonight and see what kind of response I get.

goosefairy said...

I think you should do the backplate *especially* in that green. It really makes the numbers stand out and easier to read. Even if the painted numbers weren't there I think those thin numbers would get lost on your siding.

Steve said...

I think the new screen door looks WAY better and really shows off the diamond window in the main door. Nicely done.
I love the cardboard & wire, but since neither are design or weather appropriate y'gotta change it. Goosefairy's right... the thin numbers would probably get lost in the horizontal lines of the siding, so I think your solution is a good one.
The light fixture is very cool!!!

But you forgot to tell us what happened when Amber came home... tears of joy? ...seething anger? ...didn't even notice?

Husband said...

Haha, well when Amber came home she was very surprised and happy that we had a good start, but like me I think she wants the entire project done. The big test was to see if Jupiter would try to run through the screen but with a little training he knows not to dart out.

Helen said...

I stumbled upon your blog while searching for old fashioned screen doors! So glad I did. I live in a townhome in Central Oregon. There are eleven homes in a row and they are about to be painted. I removed the ugly aluminum (white) storm door on my unit because it was ugly .. and I want a screen door like the ones I went in and out of as a child.

Yours looks great and has inspired me! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mount your new house numbers on a piece of green ribbed glass and use spacers to mount that an inch off the wall. at night, light cast down from your great fixture will wash behind the glass and illuminate your numbers so they can be seen from the street.

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