The Extra Bedroom

I realized today that we havent posted much about our induvidual rooms in the house so here it goes. We have three bedrooms, one fairly large one in the front of the house, a smaller office, and "cozy" room in the back of the house. When we first moved in, we decided that the small room in the back would be a great guest bedroom because it is by itself and it is right next to the main bathroom which makes it easy for guests to use when they wake up in the middle of the night after one of our infamous parties.

The room has a very cool archway that leads into the room, making it the most unique in the house. Originally, in the 1950s, the room was pink and then for a time blue before the previous owner painted it an awful bright red. For a long time after we moved in, we used the room for storage, but recently we got everything that we don't use up into the attic where it belongs including lots of mid century furniture that nobody is buying right now.

Well, yesterday we decided to finally finish the room and make it a nice bedroom. In the winter time, we started sleeping in this room because it is much smaller and easier to heat, plus we can open the windows and not have our neighbors looking in to see what we're up to. But, if you ever come visit, we will make it comfortable for you.

We started by getting all of the furniture out of the room, we dusted, vacuumed, and then painted any spots we had missed before. I polished the floors, and then we took the light fixture down to strip it. Apparently anything cool in this house that needed to be cleaned at one time, the previous owners just painted.
In other news, July 9th was my 24th birthday and I had a lot of fun. Amber got me a 2nd edition furniture building book from 1957 which am very excited about. I have really been wanting to start building furniture as a hobby and this is certainly inspiring.
I also got something very cool from local pinstriper, John Harmon. He and I had met for the first time on my birthday and after meeting we had some people over to our home and he brought me this! I love it, and he is very talented.