New Fan...and other stuff

It has been far too long since our last post. A lot has been going on, especially with our careers, but we have not tackled any major house projects. Recently I finally took down the ugly old fan in the den and replaced with a fan that we got for $59 at Lowes. We had really been wanting an industrial fan as this room is eventually going to have concrete floors and be more modern than the rest of the house, however it is really hard to find flush mount fans that are cool looking.

Although there were a lot of cool things to some out of the 1980s, like Amber and I, this fan is not cool.

The new fan is modern, and sleek, and was easy to install. We had considered not puting another fan in, but they are so nice to have during the summer months.

We have also been working on nagging projects that have nothing to do with the house, like my recent obsession with old bikes. Here is a 1955 Hawthorne that I bought from a guy who used it for his paper route in Beaverton when he was a kid. I took it all apart, stripped it, painted it, and bought a new seat and grips. It took me about 8 hours to do, so I bought a couple more and havent gotten to them yet...

I also got a 1959 Schwinn Hollywood cruiser for Amber, and a 1951 Hawthorne fat tire with a tank, lights, etc. I will post pictures as I get those done. We have two Heywood Wakefield projects going on now, a square table and a small gametable. The coffee table was $20 at an antique store that we frequent. We figured it was a fluke that they didnt know what Heywood was, but a few weeks later we went back in and they had a very very rare Heywood Wakefield
game table that needs to be restored, but is awesome. Heywood purists would perhaps say that we are crazy for refinishing this stuff, but we use it daily and we dont buy it to sell for profit. We have 5 Heywood pieces and we have spent a total of $235 for all of it, not too bad I would say.

Heywood Wakefield M-307 table.

The gametable...I have never seen on of these before...

I saw this at a garage sale, it was $20 but I got it for $14. It is signed B. Rollins, anybody ever heard of him/her?

We will try to post more often, but in case we don't I made this one nice and long.


Barkerbass said...

The hall table cum game table--way cool.

And I really appreciate your attention to the house numbers. I think house numbers on the diagonal are one of those things that one person did and people just mindlessly copy it now. The fire dept only requires that the numbers be readable--they don't need to be diagonal!

Years ago the city gave--or maybe sold, I don't know--house numbers on tiles that slid into a little metal sleeve. I salvaged those on our house and remounted them. I like yours better.

Did you know that St. Vincent has reopened his thrift store, on Veterans Way just east of the tracks? They've got lots of footage in there, so we're likely to see much more furniture.
The never ending quest!

Husband said...

Thanks Lee, I appreciate that. It was cool to find your blog, I wonder how many other people on our street have blogs...I will give the St. Vincent a look this weekend, as if I need more furniture.

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

The new fan is 10,000 times better!

The bike shop near my home has shiny "new" old schwinns, complete with baskets and painted flowers. With a price of $500+, I can only drool..