We have been waiting a long time for the perfect couch to fall into our lives via Craigslist, Goodwill, a garare sale....something.  So about a month and a half ago, I was searching cragislist as I often do and I came across this photo:

Judging by the picture, it looked kinda cool but I really wasnt sure it was what we wanted and since we have a garage filling up with furniture, an attic full, and several projects laying around that may never get done, I ignored it and decided I didnt even want to go look at it. 

Fast forward and I finally broke down and showed Amber as she has been wanting a couch to replace the Lafer set.  She looked and decided that since it is only $75 that we should at least go look at it.  When we showed up the entry way to this lady's early 90's home was lit by a George Nelson bubble lamp, that was yellowed and appeared to be original.  She showed us the couch and it was WAAAAAAYYY cooler in person so we bought it.  It was also much bigger than she had described.  Apparently it came from the same house where the, as she called them, "funky hanging lights" came from referring to the bubble light that she would not part with.  Anyhow, we called on my brother to come help move it as it is a hide a bed and extremely heavy.  We got it home and had to take it around the house and through the sliding glass door as it was only door wide enough to get it through.

We spent the rest of the evening staring at it:

As you can see, it is tufted and in near mint condition with the exception of a small tear in one cushion and small but fixable wear on the corners of the arms.  Aside from that, it is immaculate and is by far the coolest hide a bed I have seen.  It is a woven nubby type fabric and is green/gold/yellow. The Craigslist gods have been very good to us. Merry Christmas!


Percival Lafer

About a year ago whilst cruising craigslist, I came across a furniture set that I had seen somewhere before. It was leather, and it was $60, and it looked cool. I was remembering seeing one of the chairs in an auction catalog and it had gone for $1500 or something crazy. These came from Brasil which is why they are so rare, they are hand made and they only imported them by catalog to a few vendors in the US. If you had a set it was because you had a lot of money and were forward thinking which, to me, makes theses even more interesting. I wonder who thought to purchase them back in 1975? So we reserved a uhaul truck and drove two hours one way to get it. We were super excited after loading it up and then holding in our joy until we could drive down the road a ways to get out and really lok it over. The beauty of craigslist is that everyone wins, the seller is happy to get rid of it, and we can celebrate finding something super cool. Well we have been using it as our furniture in the den area where we listen to music and entertain (there is no tv). Recently we have decided that we want something that is more cohesive with the rest of the house so it is for sale. I honestly thought it would sell rather quickly but it has been kind of slow going, probably because of condition issues. The other interesting part is that they didnt use any glue or nails, it is held together by a couple of screws, but mostly by straps and dowels. The leather part comes out and is rubber covered by glove leather. I wanted to post simply to show them off, but if you want them let me know.