New Year

Amber and I had a lot of fun in Portland for New Years.  We risked our lives to drive for almost 6 hours to get there (it usually takes 3 hours, but due to snow and ice it took some extra time), and were forced to head back early fearing that the drive back would be worse.  We did stay downtown and got to see Satan's Pilgrims put on a great show.  They are a surf rock band, not death metal.

On the way home we stopped at a thrift store in Madras, Oregon and as we were leaving I spotted familiar legs peeking out from under an ugly tablecloth ( I am a leg man ).  Sure enough, it was a totally original George Nelson designed, Herman Miller pedestal table that is often referred to as swag leg (which is incorrect).  It was $3.00 but we only had $2.35 so she took it and we headed home.  It just goes to show, the coolest stuff can be found in the most unlikely of places. 

Now it is finally time to get back to real life.  I had a great holiday, but I am ready to start working again.


Shauntelle said...

Oh man, I love hearing stories like that! I always wonder how the piece got there.
We have a George Nelson swagged leg fiberglass chair that my aunt found in the hayloft of her barn, outside of Belleville, Ontario. What I want to know is how the hell did a rare chair, made only for three years, make it into a barn hayloft?

undercover caterer said...

I'm jealous of the table, but more jealous about the NYE Satan's Pilgrims show! I LOVE them!