Summer Mantra:

Now that the sun is out and it has been in the 60 degrees, rather than the 10 degrees, we have thrifting and garage sales on the brain.  This is our summer mantra, let it be yours too!


New Photos

The living room that people describe as "cozy".  The Lane 'Acclaim' swivel table hold cocktail drinks when friends visit. 
This is a view of the den from our dining room.  I had the wall unit in storage when we lived in an apartment and never thought Iwould be able to use it, but it works well in this room and holds all of our records.
The office through a green filter, I just thought it would look cool. This room needs to be de-cluttered but it is functional as an office and will most likely be a baby room one day.
Another view of the office with our $4 Herman Miller swivel chair.
The hallway leading from the front door, to the guest bedroom and bathroom. 
The den seating.  Selig "eames" chair, Simmons hide-a-bed and more Lane 'Acclaim'.  Soon: luan paneled walls, and more artwork.
Our first piece of mid century furniture, a 50s Siemens console turned bar.  This picture is in black and white...
Our dining area, complete with retractable light, and polynesian spoon and fork.