New Kitchen Table

A few weeks ago, a friend from out of town contacted me about a cool tulip table knock off that was for sale in our area for a great price, and asked if I would pick it up for him.  He lives 3 hours away, so I was happy to help.  The really awesome part was that we had just sold our cheap 60s american modern table and chairs so we were table-less.  The ultra modern look of the tulip table was a  bit much for our house as almost everything here is danish, and wood.  We had sold our old table to make room for a Paul McCobb Planner Group table that Amber has wanted for a long time. 
Early in our relationship, while flipping through auction catalogs, she pointed one out and described it as the perfect table as it mixes traditional with modern. These usually go for no less than $400, and the chairs often go for $200+. We got this table for a good price, but it was without chairs.

I found these Northwest Chair Company chairs for $50 and thought they were enough in the Paul McCobb style to suffice.

The design genius of the Planner Group is that they are made to look very delicate, but are very heavy. The optical illusion is the beveled edge on the table top that makes it look very thin.

Pufferfish toothpick holder approves.