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A weekend of treasures

We recently picked up a few cool items that I thought were worth sharing. I am still trying to figure out how to photograph artwork that is behind glass, so the pictures aren't great.

This picture was in a little antique downtown and we really liked it because it reminded us of our dog Jupiter.  The price was something like $200 so we held off on it, and quite honestly I had forgotten about it.  I saw it again this weekend in a thrift store, marked $5.  It is signed, numbered, and professionally framed and now hangs above Jupiter's bed.
This one was $3, but has an interesting story.  Apparently from the little story typed on the back, this image was created by a Hewlett Packard computer using a plotter attachment sometime in the late 1960s or early 70s.  The person who made it input two birth dates, one in red and one in black, and the computer then generated this image....somehow.  I don't know, it is cool.
 I do not play guitar, I am learning very slowly but I think guitars are so cool looking that I have a couple.  This one was sitting behind the counter at the Goodwill and was being held for someone.  It was $29.99 but it looked vintage to me and was in pretty good shape so I asked if I could buy it.  After much deliberation by the employees, I learned that you cannot hold something at Goodwill for more than an hour, so it was mine.  It is a Stella guitar and was made in 1966.  These guitars were mass produced and despite being well made, they were people learning to play.  Because it is smaller, they were often traveled with or given to children and damaged over the years.  I had it cleaned up and re-strung and it 'plays' very nicely, at least when the guy in the music store played it. He had a couple of them in his store but none of them had that cool trapeze tail piece, they sell for about $300.

The praying Polynesian kids.... I like the pink color with the blue upholstery in the living room.  I don't know anything about them, probably just another mass produced set from the 60s tiki craze.
This was a $12 Lane Acclaim table, that had been fugly-fied.  I love acclaim stuff, and I have had good luck with restoring it.
Looks better now.


Does anyone still read this blog?

If they do, they can read this!

I made a quick trip to Portland for a big antique show recently and met some great people, saw some cool stuff, and didn't buy anything!  It actually wasn't too hard because the show consisted of either junk, or really nice stuff that could be thrifted with patience, besides we really don't need anything right now.

On my way up I usually go through The Dalles to check on the house there and because it is, in my opinion, a nicer drive.  I took some photos there though in the early morning hours and I think they turned out pretty good. The Dalles has not changed much in it's history but in the 50s they built some pretty cool buildings.  The nice thing about being there early was that there weren't any cars in the way.

We have not really been working on the house too much, just furniture projects which I will post photos of soon.  Cheers!