These photos mysteriously appeared on our camera, seems the Christmas pixies get up at night and mess around with our stuff.  Amber loves her vintage Christmas decorations, and I do too, mainly because they are so creepy.


Thank You

I have noticed several new followers in the last few weeks which is exciting, and I just wanted to thank everyone who regularly reads this blog.  In addition to the regular followers, each day I am amazed at how many people visit, and it is fun to see the different countries that they visit from.  I am not as diligent about posting as some, but it is certainly nice to have a place to put things down when I feel like it and know that people read it.  So again, thank you.

I also wanted to share our Christmas present to ourselves this year...and yes, it was a craigslist find. 

It is a Hans Olsen dining room chair and table set, in MINT condition.  The set is perfect for our small dining room because the chairs become part of the table when pushed in.  Behind the chair you can also see our danish fold away table that extends to seat 6 people, so we can entertain large groups as well.  Hopefully you all have a safe and wonderful Holiday season!