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This has nothing to do with mid century modern furniture or design, but it is important to me.

My best friend Brad and I met in middle school after being kicked out of a class for mouthing off.  We realized that we had the same sense of humor and we have been great friends ever since.  After high school, we went to Europe together and traveled all over.  Of all of our friends and people we went to school with, Brad was the only one who ended up doing exactly what he always dreamed of doing which was to make movies.  He moved to Los Angeles, started writing, and networking, and now he is making movies.

Anyone who has ever attempted to live out your dream knows how difficult it is, and certainly the movie industry is no exception.  For his first feature film, which is being submitted to Sundance, he moved back home to Bend, Oregon and began filming Wolfman's Hammer.  I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling of excitement that I had when I watched the first edited footage.  I had chills, and I was so happy to see someone actually taking their passion and turning it into art.  So, I called Brad and I said that I would help him finish it, help produce it by getting funding together.  He set up a Kickstarter page for the film and we have $3500 pledged so far by generous people who believe in the project.  And now I want you to check out what we have done so far, because it is exciting.

Kickstarter works like this: A person with a project sets up a profile and explains his/her project to the world.  People who feel strongly about the project pledge money to help fund the film, but the money is only distributed if the project's total goal is met.  In our case, we have a goal of $5000 which will go towards the final scene in the film and some equipment and editing that will be required to make the final scene work.  We are currently at $3500, with 6 days left to get up to $5000.  If on the 6th day we don't have that goal met, we start all over from $0.

Please take a moment to take a look at the trailer and see if it looks like something you would want to see finished.  And remember, this whole thing was done with our own money and money from friends, and family.  It was shot locally using our own equipment, and all of the actors worked for free in the hopes to be seen on the screens at Sundance.  The epitome of Independent.

Watch the Trailer here.

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