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I mentioned in a previous post that my best friend and I have been working on a movie.  We ended up getting the funding that we needed to finish it, and now it is done.  Our goal is to get it into a major film festival, generate some interest, and hopefully use this project as a stepping stone to our next project.

With a tiny budget, it was difficult, stressful, tormenting, and utterly satisfying in the end.  We found out that there are a lot of people in our community that support our crazy ideas and that was amazing.  My role in this film was getting people to give us money, and that is all.  The artistic vision, writing, directing, and execution was all by Brad Elmore. The main character actor Greg Hill has already moved back to Los Angeles and has gotten television roles, and a movie role, and the video crew have started work on a pilot for an internet television project called Littlefish.

Please take a look at our official finished trailer and share it with as many people as you can.  If you want to know more about where to see the film, e-mail me.  This trailer and subsequent movie has strong language NSFW:

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Amber Von Felts said...

Yowza! That looks like one powerful movie! I really like the name of it too. The Wolfman's Hammer. Sounds badass!