The shoe-polish restoration is done.  What was supposed to take me all winter long and keep me occupied, was finished in about two weekends.  I purchased the bike, took it apart, got it running, put it all back together along with some new parts, and then cleaned and re-painted most of it.  It is about as clean as a dirt bike should ever be now, and it is a blast to ride.  I am now looking for another one, a vintage street bike of some kind...because I need a winter project...


Let's go racing!

One of the cool things about living in Eastern Oregon is the access to amazing scenic country.  We are less than an hour away from amazing mountain terrain, rivers, lakes, and the high desert.  One of the best ways to see that country is on a motorcycle.

I love motorcycles, and this year I went to the local AHRMA vintage motorcycle races held in Central Oregon and got to see some great vintage bikes.  I have always admired Steve McQueen for his acting, but also for his auto and motorcycle racing abilities.  After seeing the races in person, I was hooked.  Yesterday I bought this vintage beauty with the intention of having it re-built in time for the races in April.  It's a 1975 Yamaha DT 250.