Yamaha XS400 cafe racer

Finished another motorcycle....

New bars, removed the gauges and modified a vintage enduro speedometer to use instead. new seat, Harley Aerrmachi pipes.
It's a 1981 Yamaha xs400 but it was ugly when I got it, so me and some buddies cleaned the ugly off and made into a nice looking British style cafe racer.
Day 1.  I bought it for $80, it didnt run, it was ugly.
The tailpiece was laying in a friend's garage, we cleaned it up, cut it to fit, and then did some work to mount it to the frame.  The tail section of the frame itself was removed and we built a new one and welded into place.  I raised the tank 4 inches to give it a larger appearance, and re-loacted all of the electrical components, including the battery, under the seat bump.  Overall it turned out really nice, even the spray paint looks ok!

Yamaha xs400 cafe racer

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